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Process & Services



Saligent’s Sales Lead Management (SLM) methods deliver a steady flow of “ready-to-engage” prospects (willing to invest in productive conversations with your company’s sale professionals.

The following the main components to Saligent's LeadsToRevenue process:

  • Identify
  • Capture
  • Nurture
  • Deliver
  • Grow

Saligent also uses the following terms and definitions in this process:

  • Prospect Universe: Identify and assemble the target population of business decision makers who could possibly buy what you sell
  • Prospect: Identify individual decision makers/influencers
  • Qualified Prospect: Capture attributes related to need, authority, budget, timeframe
  • Sales Lead: a unique sales opportunity indicated by an engaged, qualified prospect
  • Qualification Definitions: viable and ready to engage, viable but not ready to engage, qualified as not viable, not yet qualified
  • Prospect Communication:
    • Relevant, personal and timely postal and digital “touches” with offers
    • Skilled call professionals initiate relationships, maintain rapport, surface specific needs, and systematically capture every interaction
    • Custom web landing forms let prospects initiate contact, accept offers
  • Prospect Development: Nurture prospects with relevant education, ongoing communication/qualification
  • Sales Lead Distribution: Deliver a  steady flow of qualified prospects representing genuine sales opportunities
  • Objective Measurement: SLM process yields strategic, proprietary data for measurement, reporting and management decision making that accelerates growth


Relationships are the objectively-engineered result of a successful Sales Lead Management process implementation. From concept to contact to contract... mature prospect relationships lead to "command and control" of your prospect universe.